Scotland Loves Local Fund Opens

A Scottish Government fund has opened to encourage shopping locally in our communities.

Click on this link to access information and the application: SCOTLAND LOVES LOCAL FUND: APPLICATION FORM AND GUIDANCE

The Scottish Government are inviting eligible groups to develop projects to improve and promote their local place and communities. This can include making small scale local improvements and supporting localised responses in town and settlement centres

The £1million fund can provide amounts from between £500 and £5,000.

St Margaret’s Hope

Aileen Campbell,Communities Secretary, in the Scottish Government said:

“We know money spent locally is more likely to stay in the local economy and support local jobs.

“The Scotland Loves Local campaign encourages people to think how they can safely support this.

“This fund will help initiatives supporting businesses, such as projects to encourage safe shopping, business and leisure opportunities, promoting and advertising local providers of online shopping or enhancing visitor appeal.

“We all have a part to play in Scotland’s economic recovery and can do so, whilst we look out for one another and follow the FACTS guidance.”

The fund will support local communities to adapt safe measures to allow shopping and spending to continue in light of the limitations imposed due to Covid19.

The application closes on Friday November 25th.


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