The Right To Peaceful Skies?

By Lotte Glob

Through a series of hearings, The Airspace Tribunal – an international public forum to develop a new human right to protect the freedom to live without physical or psychological threat from above – have been bringing together speakers to discuss human rights in relation to climate change and military and commercial exploitation of airspace and outer space above our heads.

The next hearing with The Power Plant in Toronto will begin on 1 November, via Zoom. It will help to spread awareness of the concepts under discussion, if members of the public choose to take part.

You’ll find details of the programme (including links to register for each session) on their Airspace Tribunal website here: The Airspace Tribunal

All of the sessions are free and you just need to register via the links under each one.

Remember the times are Toronto time!

Do please share widely.

Lotte’s article sent into The Orkney News by Bernie Bell

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    • Never mind drones Bernie, my first thought was gulls, especially the one in Lerwick that nicked my fish supper, LOL.

    • Me too… but about the ones closer to earth… which – if I remember this correctly – are classed as unmanned aircraft hence an interesting question comes up: What is the bigger offence, a drone encroaching on private land/garden etc. or taking it down because of such privacy violations? Not talking about military etc. but drones in private ownership.

      • If one was hovering over me, or my garden, I’d pick up a stone, and…….
        I would.
        They are very useful, when licensed for specific use. Otherwise – why are they allowed to do what they do?

        I think it’s a case of legislation not catching up with developments – again.

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