Poetry Corner: Strange after Samhain

By Wendy Alford

A tumult of autumn leaves
whisks about my head,
thoughts take flight
as sharp gusts catch at birds
snatching them back and forth.
A cold splinter of sunlight
stabs through rusk-edged clouds,
which slide in unseemly haste
across grey-streaked sky.
All is unsettled, disjointed,
nothing quite belongs.
I'm caught up in this upheaval,
churning, gestating, coiled
within, strangely skewed views
of past and future
create shifting perspectives,
a sense of differently being,
where old thoughts seem odd.
As I lift and turn
in this jumble of leaves
I wonder just quite how
I will fall back

Wendy Alford November 2013

Poem sent in by Bernie Bell

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    • I hadn’t thought of that – but, yes – this time of year – unsettled, uncertain, everything in flow – shifting.
      What’s past – what’s ahead.

      And… this year……

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