A Bit Of A Mystery…

By Bernie Bell

Here’s the tale…..

Mike was going to top-up the bird bath, as the strong winds had almost emptied it.  He went and got the watering can, which lives by the water butt, filled it with water, and went to the bird bath. He’d taken the ‘rose’ off the can, as it pours easier for filling the bird bath quickly.

And………….a wee frog appeared in the bird bath!

He came in to tell me, and I said to take photos and then, carefully scoop it up and take it down the garden to near the pond, then it can decide for itself if it wants to go in the pond, or shelter near it.

But….but…but… how on earth did it get into the watering can?  It couldn’t have got into from the water butt, as that has a valve for adjusting the flow of water. And anyway – how would it have got into the water butt, which is fed from the garage roof?

We were puzzling and puzzling, then Mike  thought of a possible solution to the mystery. 

The strong winds had blown the watering can away from the water butt, and down the garden, where Mike had found it, yesterday, and put it back in place. Presumably, while the watering can was in the grass, the wee frog climbed in –  maybe to shelter from the wind?  Then, Mike picked up the can, stood it back by the butt, and so froggy was trapped there.

Deductive reasoning at its best!  To quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

All’s well that ends well – he’s now ……free!!!!

A little bit of garden life.

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