Help Musicians………….

By Bernie Bell

I don’t remember how many years ago friend Angela first sent us a Jackie Morris ‘Help Musicians’ card for Christmas. I had never come across the work of Jackie Morris, and am now a firm – maybe fan isn’t the right word – maybe follower is nearer, as Jackie is one of the few people whose work I follow by looking at her Twitter page.

Angela’s card also introduced us to the charity, Help Musicians, Since then, every year, we order Christmas cards from them – always the one by Jackie, and sometimes others too! 

This year, musicians need help more than ever – think about it – how do musicians mostly make a living?  Playing in venues, at festivals, at functions – all of which have be much curtailed by Covid.

We received our annual leaflet from Help Musicians, showing their range of cards for this year, and ordered some of Jackie’s – which is as magical and meaning-full as ever. Here it is…..

And here’s what Jackie herself says about it….

“It is a calm solo painted during lockdown.  I think it echoes the sombre year, while celebrating wild music.  All proceeds go to keep the music playing.  Please share.  Contains moths.”

So, if you’d like to help, Help Musicians, to help musicians – to keep the music playing – here’s your chance!

Christmas Cards 2020

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