Award for Outstanding Nunalleq Excavation

The outstanding Nunalleq excavations which we have covered previously in The Orkney News have had some very welcome news. Archaeology in Lockdown Alaska

The Nunalleq Educational Resource has won the Archaeological Institute of America’s 2021 award for Outstanding Work in Digital Archaeology!

artists impression of the interior of a Nunalleq house

The award is shared among a big team of collaborators who came together to share the story of Nunalleq and its many voices – “we will be celebrating all the way from Scotland to Alaska today”, said a spokesperson for the project.

The resource was funded by The Arts and Humanities Research Council, the University of Aberdeen’s Commercialization Award, the University of Dundee, and the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design 3DVisLab.

You can download the resource for free here!

An excavation organiser said:

Thanks also to the many people who contributed their support, knowledge, feedback and faces throughout the project, this list includes members of the local community, colleagues, specialists, students, and volunteers. If we have missed out any names we apologize but know that your help was appreciated.

Core Team

Rick Knecht & Charlotta Hillerdal: Archaeological Directors

Warren Jones, Grace Hill & The Qanirtuuq Incorporated Village Corporation Board: Quinhagak Culture Bearers and Advisors

Alice Watterson: Creative Director, Archaeological Reconstruction Artist, Character Design, Environment and Creature Animation, Artifact Digitalization, Interface Design

John Anderson: Interface Design and Programming

Tom Paxton: Character Design and Animation

Pauline Matthews, Dora Strunk and Lonny Strunk: English to Yup’ik translations.

Crystal Carter: Youth co-ordinator


Jimmy Anaver, Alice Bailey, Pauline Beebe, Lise Bos, Crystal Carter, Joseph Carter, Willard Church, Emily Cleveland, Joshua Cleveland, Annie Don, Charlotta Hillerdal, Grace Hill, Ana Jorge, Rick Knecht, Francis Lukezic, Roy Mark, Julie Masson-MacLean, Edouard Masson-MacLean, Chuna Mcintyre, Alice Watterson, Anna Mossolova, Jonathan Lim, Rufus Rowe, John Smith, Mike Smith, Dora Strunk, Larissa Strunk, Lonny Strunk.

Jimmy Anaver, Alice Bailey, Kieran Baxter, Pauline Beebe, Ellinor Berggren, Dawn Biddison, Brendan Body, Lise Bos, Michael Broderick, Sarah Brown, Crystal Carter, Joseph Carter, Lucy Carter, Sally Carter, Ben Charles, Mary Church, Willard Church, Daniele Clementi, Annie Cleveland, Emily Cleveland, Joshua Cleveland, Aron Crowell, Neil Curtis, Angie Demma, Annie Don, Julia Farley, Patti Fredericks, Tricia Gillam, Sean Gleason, Sven Haakanson, Cheryl Heitman, Grace Hill, Diana Hunter, Joel Isaak, Warren Jones, Stephan Jones, Ana Jorge, Solveig Junglas, Eva Malvich, Melia Knecht, Erika Larsen, Paul Ledger, Jonathan Lim Soon, Amber Lincoln, Hannah Lotta, Steve Luke, Francis Lukezic, Pauline Matthews, Roy Mark, Mhairi Maxwell, Chuna Mcintyre, Drew Michael, Amanda Mina, Anna Mossolova, Carl Nicolai Jr, Chris Niskanen, Molly Odell, Lauren Phillips, Lucy Qin, Charlie Roberts, Chris Rowe, Rufus Rowe, John Rundall, Melissa Shaginoff, Monica Shah, Anna Sloan, Darryl Small Jr, John Smith, Mike Smith, Joey Sparaga, Dora Strunk, Larissa Strunk, Lonny Strunk, Larry Strunk, Robbie Strunk, Prof Chris Rowland, Sandra Toloczko, Richard Vanderhoek, the Quinhagak Dance Group and the staff at Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat.

Archaeology in Lockdown Alaska

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