Bin Art?

By Bernie Bell

Walking up the High Street in Stromness, looking at the Móti exhibition , we also noticed this…

If I see something interesting, I tend to take a photo, then think about what to do with it later.  So, I took a picture, then realised I had no idea what to do with it!

Then, reading TON, I saw another update from the Council about which bins to put out and when, and I thought my photo could accompany the next update – something along the lines of…. ‘Put out your naked ladies every second Thursday’, so I sent that out, with the photo, to those that I thought might have the sense of humour to enjoy it!

Friend Andrew’s response was just two words…. “Cave Art!”

Mike said it would be good as part of some kind of piece about the depiction of the human female form through the ages – and I agree – going right back to the very early round lady sculptures, such as the Venus of Willendorf , copies of which have been made by The Harray Potter himself!

I’m afraid I’m not going to take on writing that piece – too much like hard work!

Cave Art – Street Art – Bin Art – Humans!  The ideas you can get, just from walking up the street, looking about you.

More of which – later!

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  1. You’ve got it, Bernie! Wanderings and wonderings with words – all come from noticing and sharing and lead us on to play more. What fun! Thanks… Rosie

  2. The comment on Facebook – I present something to try to raise a smile, and something which might be of interest, and………..all some folk can ever do, is rat about it.

    Sometimes I feel like giving up.

  3. You’ve raised a few Orcadian eyebrows again!
    High Street in Stromness?
    Unfortunately, your site may be viewed in future years, and thought accurate!!
    So it would be a good idea to set the record straight now?

  4. There have been some more mean-spirited comments on Facebook – I used High Street as a generic term – the main street of a town, is often referred to as the High Street, though it may have a whole list of names, as it wends it’s way.

    I repeat – I was hoping to raise a smile, and provide something of interest. In return, I got some generally insulting references to ‘they’, meaning, I presume, incomers.
    OK, I’m an incomer – so shoot me!

    I find it hard to believe that all that these people can see in this piece of writing, is something to be mean about.

    I’ve had enough of this – let’s see some of you carping people present something of good-humour or interest – ????

    I will now focus on the appreciative responses – I was foolish to let this kind of small-minded nastiness bother me. Facebook. ‘Nuff said.

    Fiona, I feel that it would redress the balance to some extent, if you would comment here – as you did to me, personally, re. Stromness High Street.
    That’s up to you.

    Why are people so mean, when it’s easy enough to be pleasant?

  5. Unbelievable, but a sign of the times in the age of social media, that there are some who cannot view a lighthearted piece about Stromness and take it as just that. The main shopping thoroughfare of a town is referred to as its ‘High Street’ that is how the term is used here. It is not the street name, which no one except a few folk have misinterpreted as such. I’m not sure why anyone is griping about an article which may entice a few more folk to visit Stromness and perhaps even shop there, as I know the writer of the article does. Stromness certainly needs people to shop local. Perhaps those making negative comments should try to do more to promote a positive and welcoming image of Stromness as Bernie Bell always does.

    And now, as my nephew ( or, for the sake of precision, should I describe him as my late sister’s son?) would say – ‘End of’.

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