By Bernie Bell

Here are some suggestions, gleaned from previous items in The Orkney News:-

The Orkney Archaeology Society has an on-line shop, too…..

There are a lot of very yummy things in The Bayleaf – possible pressies – all year round!

Catherine doesn’t just make cards – she makes all kinds of crafty things – including some exceptional clocks!

There are a lot of craft-workers in Orkney  – find more of them, here…….

Here’s one which hasn’t appeared in TON – yet – but is well worth checking out…

If anyone can think of any more – please add them in the ‘comments’ – the more the merrier!

And if you think you’ve left it a bit late – most to these can be ordered on-line, and you could have them sent straight to the recipient!

May Your Yule, Be Very Cool!

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  1. A wonderful virtual shopping trip! Thanks so much also and as ever for the learning – ghost rope, and more…

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