Letters: “For Hogmanay – THINK ON!”

Dear Orkney News,

Yesterday evening ( 30th December), I saw the Coronavirus update on the telly.

One headline was, that there had been over 50,000 new cases, and over 900 deaths, in that day.

Another headline was, that more of Britain is to go up to Tier 4.

Another headline was, that some school children would be returning to school mid-January.

Meanwhile, parents in Orkney are being told to prepare to send their children back to school in the next few weeks too.

Meanwhile, I received an email from someone I know who lives in Cumbria, telling me that the new strain of the virus is there – I didn’t know that – it looks like it’s moving North – rapidly.

Are the people in charge of Britain insane?

Meanwhile, I received an email from friends in New Zealand telling me that life there is ” nearly normal” – nearly normal – what an appealing idea! 

And that isn’t  because of chance, it’s because of consistent, decisive action on the part of the government.

And, the populace being prepared to behave as they need to.

For Hogmanay – THINK ON!

Yours, Bernie Bell, Orkney

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