A Wizard Wheeze

By Bernie Bell

We used to use two galvanized steel dustbins for our rubbish, then wheelie bins took over and the metal bins went into the shed, where they sat in the corner, doing nothing, for years.

Recently, our old plastic water butt developed a split and started to leak.  In the interests of reducing use of plastic, we thought we’d get a metal water butt, which proved to be easier said than done.

Then, pretty much at the same time, we both had an idea – take one of the old metal rubbish bins, make  a hole in the rubber lid for the down-pipe from the gutter. Make a small hole near to the base of the bin. Take the tap from the plastic water butt, and fit it into the hole in the metal bin, fixed in place with a strong sealant.

Place this on bricks at a height which suits for filling the watering can, et voila – a ‘new’ water butt!

So Mike went ahead, and made this…..

No, we’re not going to call it ‘Dusty’!

We would very much like to work out something to do with the old plastic water butt – waste not, want not.   It might have to go to the dump, but we’ll have done what we could with it, and at least salvaged the tap!

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  1. Mike tells me that…….. rubber washers could be an alternative to sealant, round the tap.
    Depends on what you’ve got in your shed!

  2. my old plastic water butts that broke in the freeze of 2010 are now cut in half and make excellent planters, this year with garlic’s in them… others have honeysuckle, an apple tree and herbs as does an old wheel barrow body…

    • Someone suggested using it for tatties – we have a tattie patch as part of our veg garden, but it could be useful for someone else.
      We‘ve re-used a few bits-off-the-beach for veggies and herbs, already!


      In different times, I would have said if anyone wants the old water butt, to call by – but, at the moment – I’m avoiding people!

      However, if anyone does have a use for it – and you let us know, we could leave it outside and you could collect it.
      If anyone does want it – send an email via Fiona (G), and we’ll let you know where we live and where we’ll leave the water butt.
      Better than it being wasted.

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