Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part Two

BY Bernie Bell

I’ll keep adding, as I think of things/come across things…

Please, folks, you  do, too – we need them!

Thank you Sam – what a lovely man you are.

And, still on a doggie theme – emailed to a friend………..

“Wednesday was a beautiful day, sunny but very cold. We went to the Ring of Brodgar for a walk, and the car park was like a skating rink! We carefully worked our way along the grass round the edges until we got to the main path to the Ring – which was fine.  We met Jeanne with her little dog, Gracie, then met another lady with a lovely blue-eyed merle collie, called Moss – a classic working collie dog name.  Then….another lady with two miniature Schnauzers – Hagar and Heidi – having a whale of a time!

We love to meet dogs when out and about.”

And, having mentioned Jeanne – she’s still walking the stones, for peace……

Anyone got any more ideas? 

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