Letters: ‘Utter Contempt’ of WM to Fishermen

Dear Orkney News,

The utter contempt shown by Westminster to Scottish fishermen is a disgrace when the minister for fisheries did not even read the Brexit deal agreement on fishing because she was busy with a nativity trail.

Scottish negotiators have long experience of negotiating fishing policy with the EU and not only them but the Scottish  fishery minister were shut out of all of this by Westminster.

Scotland could do a much better job for all of its fishermen by becoming an independent country and whether you like the EU or not would at least have the best negotiating brains in the room and be reading the documents rather than rushing them through a UK parliament that simply does not care.

Yours H. Wilkie, Orkney

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  1. Well written piece with which I totally agree. This is an absolute disgrace and shows the dirty tricks they will play at while they have Covid19 to divert people’s attention from their incompetence and disregard for people’s lives and livelihoods. Douglas Ross should be held responsible and answerable for much of this too!

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