Week Five – One Day At A Time

By Bernie Bell

January the Twenty-ninth……..Mike went to Kirkwall….that doesn’t happen very often these days, but he needed to go to the bank.  He tells me that the bank is Covid Covered, very efficiently.  Lines to stand behind, lines dividing spaces, big Perspex screens, wiped the pen before handing it to him.  Full marks to the Clydesdale! 

When he got home he took a photo, looking across the sea to Kirkwall  – because he’d been there, on that day.  Not just at home, or out for a walk – he’d been to the big city – which is quite an event, these days.

January the Thirtieth……….The ground was too frozen for digging, so it was a day for general maintenance. Mike cut back the honeysuckle which was trying to invade the garage roof, and, while he was up there, nailed down some of the roofing felt around the edges, which the wind was starting to lift. 

And then…….the year had taken its toll on the yellow squiggles which show me where the edges of the path are https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/02/01/another-wizard-wheeze/.  So, Mike re-painted them – I have no trouble seeing the edges now!

He tells me that it’s the Australian Aboriginal representation of the track of a Goana lizard.  That could confuse folk – where’s the lizard?

January the Thirty-first………a fine Heron, standing patiently on the rocks down from the Broch of Gurness, Evie.

February the First……..The Celtic feast of Imbolc….we’ve been watching a thrush bashing hell out of a snail on the stones at the back of the house, Mrs Blackbird scolding the pigeons for feeding in ‘her’ place, and a robin scavenging the bits from the messy-eating starlings and sparrers on the feeder – the garden is full of snow, and full of life.  Imbolc.

February the Second…..The car went in for its M.O.T…..Mike cycled home.  Normally, he’d get a taxi back…..these days, a taxi isn’t a good idea.  Cycling was probably better for him anyway!

February the Third…..We received a letter from friend Angela, containing Nasturium seeds!  Though we live In Orkney, we can’t visit each other right now, so we write letters instead.

The seeds should be planted straight into the soil – not just yet……but….thinking ahead….looking ahead…..and then, in the summer….such colour!  Mastershalum friendship.

“Christopher Robin gave me a mastershalum seed, and I planted it, and I’m going to have mastershalums all over the front door.” “I thought they were called nasturtiums,” said Piglet timidly. “No,” said Pooh. “Not these. These are called mastershalums.” – A.A. Milne

February the Fourth…..A Gourmet Breakfast for the Birds – courtesy of Bistro Bell….Mixed grains, bread crumbs, scraps of cheese….peanuts….topped off with a Blueberry for Mrs. Blackbird!

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  1. Hello Alan Bews – I’m not on Facebook, so I’ll respond to you here.

    I know!!!!!! I was furious when that happened – no consultation, no say in the matter, and our bank changed to being run by an organization which, though they try to appear so so friendly, actually are only concerned with money money money. OK, you expect that from a bank, but they should remember that they wouldn’t exist without the customers. They are there to serve our interests, not the other way round.

    I think you get my drift. Mike was annoyed – I was furious – but what can we do? Change banks? – we’ve done that before when we got fed up with the attitude of Nat. West. – too big for it’s boots. That was why we changed to Clydesdale, and we’ve been happy with them for years.
    Changing banks again is too much hassle, and – who is any better?

    My observation here, was to do with the local branch, at which, I’m glad to say, there are still the same people working, who know us. The local branch have got it right re. Covid control, and that was what I was applauding them for. I will also applaud the local staff, anyway, as they are very good indeed. Actual personal banking – not just words.
    Virgin Money? No thanks, but we were not given a say, when the change-over happened!!!!!

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