Orkney’s Ring of Brodgar

The Ring of Brodgar in Orkney looks impressive at any time but even more so when it is covered in a layer of snow.

The 5,000 year old henge and stone circle is part of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Over the years the vast numbers of tourists arriving by cruise ships and tour buses to Orkney , coupled with a succession of wet summers, made for essential maintenance on the inner ring. This area has been opened again over the last few months and with the travel restrictions of Covid it means the ground has been well rested.

The site is open to the public and managed by Historic Environment Scotland

The Ring of Brodgar comprises:

  • A massive stone circle, originally consisting of 60 stones – 36 survive today
  • At least 13 prehistoric burial mounds
  • A large rock-cut ditch surrounding the stone circle

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Thank you for this. Always wanted to visit, but have never been able to. This really gave me a wonderful feeling of being there for a few minutes.

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