My Cancer Story (to be continued)

The subject I am about to approach will be quite difficult for me.

It concerns a recent diagnosis of cancer which was discovered by accident.

I had been going for a scan for what I thought was a leg injury and they were doing various checks.

It became obvious that the main reason they were looking at the scan was not my leg as I had thought but a part of my brain called called the parietal lobe.

As I started to acquire new information about this I was bewildered. At first I did not know the potential extent of the damage would it be life-threatening or would I have an outside chance of recovery and a cure. 

Part of the brain controls the right side of the body so damage could be quite serious.

The news came as quite a shock as I had already been dealing with an ongoing health issue.

 I had thought that was serious enough. 

At the point of writing this I am trying to remain positive and already gathering information that may help me with my own world recovery.

Friends have already been very helpful at pointing me in the direction of useful information all the while trying to remain positive and upbeat.

At one level the medical intervention tells me that the staff have faith in me and would not be wasting time if I did not have prospects of recovery

Yet it still hard to maintain positivity in the face of our life changing diagnosis that just a few days ago hit me very hard.

Going forward I know I am going to have to use every ounce of positivity and strength to go into hospital and get treatment and to return home.

I will get through this however and know I will remain positive.  

As I write I am waiting for confirmation of an operation slot. Could be tomorrow or the next day. So it is onwards and upwards 

Looking positively to a new future for me. I will write when I can to try to document my experiences as a contributor to Orkney News

Dream Angus 

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  1. Good to hear you’ve got the good support of friends as you embark on a journey that we all hope will give you complete recovery. Wishing you all the best.

  2. I’ve only come across you in The Orkney News, so can’t be said to know you, but you come across as such a thinking, reasoning, kindly, good humoured, aware man.

    The world needs as many of you as possible – please – BE WELL.

    Mike and I will be sending you all the Healing vibes we can.

  3. Have just read your post. May I take the opportunity to wish you well for the operation and
    that you stay strong and positive about the future.
    It’s amazing how powerful the human spirit can be when faced with unexpected challenges. Keep believing in your ability to overcome.

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