Sgathaich: Konosuba 2

Well it’s time to look to the sequel of something I have already reviewed (Sgathaich: KonoSuba)… hmm been doing these so long not sure if I’ve touched on the second season of an anime before. You know I really need to get round to finishing the second season of my Hero Academia as well.

In the last decade (and probably a wee bit earlier) adaptations of light novels have really taken off in the anime scene. This also comes with the fact in this period of time we have seen anime come in multiple seasons rather than one long run till it finishes the source material or has to do a filler ending. So if a series is popular enough after adapting the first few volumes (sometimes two sometimes 3) for its first run then sometimes a second season is announced that adapts the next few volumes.

Konosuba’s second season thus adapts season 3 and 4 while the first season adapted 1 and 2. It also leaps right to where season 2 ended with Kazuma the boy who was sent to this world by the goddess Aqua (who he dragged along with him thinking she would be some useful ally but is mostly a useless idiot) arrested.

The first half of the season is adapted from volume 3 and deals with his trial as well as the after effects of it. The second half adapting from volume 4 has his team and the lich Wiz going to  the hot springs city of Alcanretia, and yes Kazuma agreed to go there for exactly the reason anime fans think he did.

An improvement over the first season is that both arcs get equal time to stand rather than in season one where the first arc got the majority of the episodes resulting in the second being somewhat squished. Also all characters that appear are properly introduced at the time they were in the light novels so there’s none of those moments where Kazuma fills us in on things they hadn’t adapted. It makes it all a more cohesive whole. The one minus part is the first episode of the second half does feel a little like it was meant as a new jumping on point just like you would expect from the start of a light novel but not so much the second half of a 10 episode anime.

The only other nitpick comes once again from its nature as a light novel adaptation that was at that time still ongoing (finished with volume 17) which was that some elements of the plot (not including the whole kill the Demon King part that’s a given) are brought up to a degree but remain unresolved by the end of season two. We got a movie which covered volume 5’s plot but unless we get a season 3 (and I hope we do) we won’t see the fate of one character and his machinations unless you read volume 6 and 7. I mean they are now translated into English so you can do that, but it would be nice to get that part in animation.

Anyway. The dub still holds up as being well done and funny (which as I mentioned last time is normally a difficulty with dubbing comedy series) so it is worth watching if you don’t wish to view it with subtitles

Rating: spear spear spear spear 


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