Electric Mother II – A Real Mother Of An Album!!!

By Bernie Bell

Eamonn Keyes has been at it again – he’s been working with Electric Mother, and they’ve produced a new album – then You Know What intervened, and, though the CD is ready, the live launch is waiting to happen when the world is ready for it!

I thought I’d do a review…….thing is……..thing iiiiiiis – I’m not all that keen on ROCK. I love Blues/Rock – and I mean, I love it. And Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Rockabilly – but – what’s  referred to as ‘ROCK’ (capital letters, to denote shouting) – not all that keen – all a bit too shouty for me.  Someone I know made the mistake of accusing Robert Plant of shouting, and I told him to wash his mouth out with soap and water – The Wonderful Mr. Plant does not shout – he had, and still has, a wonderfully controlled voice.  Shouting is a completely different thing to projecting your voice, powerfully.

I like Ozzie – strange to say, I think he’s a gentle soul  – I have a metal bat named after him hanging in the room we call The Office – and I like the track ‘Paranoid’ – can’t beat it for raw power – but …I never took to Black Sabbath.

The other bat is Sharon.

I like Lemmy ( I know he’s deid  – I still use the present tense). I like his approach to life – I very, very much like ‘Ace of Spades’.  When Lemmy died, I played ‘Ace of Spades’, over and over again, turned up to 11, bellowing along to it – I have ’his’ card pinned up in the kitchen… it’s the only card I need…it’s the………

But…I never took to Motörhead. 

Back to the Electric Mother II album…

The music is well done – the musicians are good at what they do  (Andy Taylor is in there – say no more).  I can appreciate things being well done, even if they aren’t particularly my cupparock, and this is definitely a well-played, well put together collection of…ROCK.

Here’s their single ‘Treacherous’ as a taster……….. 

More Thin Lizzy than Saxon – still not for me – not my kinda thing.

It might not be my choice, but, if ROCK – as in, heavy, belting it out, sending you home with your ears ringing for 3 days, is your thing, you’ll like Electric Mother and you’ll like this album.

It wouldn’t do we were all the same.

For info. on where to buy the album, and an interview with the band…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/02/19/electric-mother-ii-album-release-interview/

Electric Mother II album cover by Shaun Gardiner
Electric Mother II album cover. Artwork by Shaun Gardiner.

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  1. Having said all that, listening to ‘Treacherous’ again, my heel was tapping…….

    I bet I’ll be bellowing the words……….

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