Teach your dog to give paw

They stay with us through the good and the bad times. They’ve kept us fit and healthy during the restrictions of the pandemic. They are fun to be with and love us.


The PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) that does so much to support how we care for our pets have some easy steps on simple training techniques to teach your dog ‘to give paw.’

Click on this link to access the training information: How to teach your dog paw

This simple command could help to boost your pooch’s health, flexibility and concentration too!

The PDSA is the UK’s leading vet charity. It has 48 Pet Hospitals and every year provides 2.7 million veterinary treatments – including 440,000 preventative treatments.

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  1. I’ve never understood that ….

    I fully understand the need for training – and to teach the dog a few simple, necessary commands, such as “Here” “Wait/Stay” “Leave it”.

    The rest, I see as an urge on the part of the human to needlessly control an animal. There’s no point at all in the dog ‘giving the paw’ – just human power games.

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