Only A Pawn In Their Games

By Bernie Bell

I’m beginning to feel very much like a pawn in a game.

Governments encourage us to have our Covid vaccinations, and we do so – a good thing to do – for everyone’s sake.

We accept that we then have to wait for three months for our next one. 

Meanwhile, the EU says that they might not send more vaccine to Britain.  Britain is no longer part of the EU – thanks to Brexit, which happened, willy-nilly right in the middle of the pandemic.

People are dying, people are recovering.  People are recovering, but with long term health problems which are not even understood yet.

And meanwhile, the politicians play their games with us – with our lives and well-being. Scoring points off each other.

And what can we do about it?  The nations involved in this pain-full chaos are meant to be democracies – we should be able to get rid of our leaders if they show ineptitude for the job which they have been given to do, by us.

And yet – that man is still in Number 10 Downing Street.

He bungles on, from one mess to another, and he’s still there.

I feel like a pawn in a game. And these days, a helpless pawn. It’s not a good way to feel, especially in these times of general uncertainty.

This is what happens when we hand over power to a government which is not worthy of it – they take advantage – play their power games with us, our lives and the future of the world.

Some will make a lot of money out of it, some will be ruined by it. Some will die because of it.

Will I get my second jab in April, as scheduled?  Who knows.  We’ll carry on, much as we have done for the past year, doing the best we can – what we think is for the best.

There, I’ve got that off my chest, and what good will it do? None at all – the game wilt move inexorably on until it’s played out.

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  1. The PM who you accuse of bungling is the reason why you have been lucky enough to receive your vaccination. Meanwhile in the EU incompetence and backstabbing rule. Ursula von der Leyen is a leader out of her depth and attempting to lay the blame for the stop start vaccine roll out at the door of a part owned British pharmaceutical company. At the same time Macron is happy to lie about the safety of its product at the expense of thousands of his country’s citizens.
    If ever there was a reason to disentangle ourselves from this sorry union, this is it.

    While all this is going on, we have a FM who tells us she will not resign if found guilty of lying to the Scottish Parliament. This is the same woman who demanded a previous FM resign for sub letting his constituency office and a party leader resign over taxi expenses.

    The Scottish Parliament conceived amid lofty ideals didn’t take long to fall into the sewer.
    It was all to have been so different

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