Orbital O2 On Target For April Launch In Orkney

Orbital O2, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, will launch in the seas of Orkney on the week of 19th of April. Produced by Scottish based Orbital Marine Power, Ltd (Orbital) it will arrive in Orkney from Dundee.

 The O2 recently moved to quayside at Prince Edward Wharf, and you can find the entire move time lapse clip here, to get an idea of the awe-inspiring machine itself.

The Orbital O2 comprises a unique and futuristic design of grand proportions at 72m long, with 600 sq. metre rotors (the largest ever on a tidal generator) and award winning ‘gull wing’ style retractable legs to facilitate access to the machines underwater systems.

It has the capacity to generate electricity for 2,000 homes and is the most powerful renewable generating unit of any kind being fabricated in the UK this year.

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