The Weather

By Bernie Bell

Forecast in The Orkney News……….“Another bitterly cold day with strong to gale force northwesterly winds bringing further snow showers”

They’re not kidding……

So far…….

Easter Monday…..the view through our living room window….

Tuesday……’The Creature From The Black Lagoon’ emerges from our pond…..

Whatever next?

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  1. Hi Bernie, I like your monster, what have been growing, LOL? When we moved here 31 years ago my neighbour told us of Spring Snow usually about time that lambing starts. I younger days we used to look for Spring snow to provide great Skiing conditions in Glencoe and Nevis ranges, ah, those were the days though my body is now paying the price of all my youthful pleasures, you can work out the pleasures yourself, tee, hee.

    • “my body is now paying the price of all my youthful pleasures”

      I know the feeling!!! Good Times – good memories – “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, to few to mention…”

      I’m having that song at my funeral – the Sid Vicious version!

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