Innovative Future for Flotta as Green Hydrogen Hub Say Scottish Greens

The need to move away from fossil fuels at the earliest possible opportunity, and to ensure that all workers in the oil and gas sector are treated fairly through a planned and just transition is the way forward to develop facilities at Flotta.

Steve Sankey, Orkney Greens, who is a councillor on Orkney Islands Council said:

“If there’s one issue that should define this election it’s the climate emergency. The scientists say that we only have 9 years left to stop irreversible damage caused by climate change, so we have to take bold and decisive action now.

“We’ve had the Flotta terminal here since 1976, and now with transition we have all its employees to worry about, so it’s even more important that alternative futures based on renewables arrive quickly and substantially in Orkney.

“The Flotta terminal has a working life left of less than a decade, but it could have an innovative future as for example a Green hydrogen hub, and we’d be delighted if that scenario transpires.”

He was joined in his remarks by the Scottish Green Party’s Co-Leader, Lorna Slater, who knows Orkney well through her work with Orbital Marine.

Lorna Slater is standing for the Scottish Greens in the constituency of Edinburgh Northern and Leith and on the Lothian Regional list.

Lorna Slater said:

“We need to transition away from oil and gas, and leave fossil fuels in the ground, so we want an innovative switch for Flotta, and no LNG hub developed in Scapa Flow by Orkney Harbours. Our future and the future of thousands of jobs depend on starting the transition to low-carbon alternatives now. 

“Our governments claim that the transition is already underway, but, as an engineer in the renewables sector, I am all too aware of the gap between the rhetoric and reality.

“Warm words are not enough. We are witnessing climate breakdown across the planet. It is vital that all countries act, including Scotland.That’s why we are putting forward our most ambitious and transformative plan to date. 

“We will create 100,000 green jobs through a £7.5 billion Green Investment Plan targeting renewable energy, public transport, warm homes and restoring Scotland’s natural environment.”

Councillor Sankey concluded:

“The latest polls show that the Greens are on course for 12% of the List vote which may secure as many as 11 MSPs at Holyrood, but to secure this result every single vote counts, and we’re hoping that Orcadians will lend us their support.”

The Scottish Greens do not have a candidate standing in the Orkney Constituency but they are standing on the Highlands and Islands Regional List which can be viewed here: Scottish Parliament Election: Highlands and Islands Regional Candidates

The Scottish Parliament elections are on Thursday 6th of May.

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