The TAK A STAND exhibition which has taken place from the 12th-16th April in Orkney has received a magnificent response as can be seen from the amount of signatures on the TAK THE PLEDGE boards in the picture below.

Chloe Wooldrage

The Orkney News went along to meet Chloe Wooldrage who has been responsible not only for this exhibition but for the Instagram account which started the TAK A STAND ball rolling. The exhibition is to raise awareness that Sexual Violence and Harassment are never ok and that it is no longer acceptable to just presume we are talking about it taking place “somewhere else” and not right here on our own doorsteps!

The Instagram account offers an anonymous space for people to share their lived experience of Sexual abuse, Violence and Rape which has happened here in Orkney; a place to open your heart, a place where you will not be judged, a place for your truths and experiences to be told.

Here are some of the statements made via the Instagram account.

It is never ok and it is often within our own circles where we can TAK A STAND and pull people up for their behaviour.

Chloe’s exhibition offered folks the chance to sign the TAK THE PLEDGE billboards which asked you “to pledge not to sit back and be a bystander” but “to actively tak a stand

You can share your experiences via TAK A STAND Instagram account or Orkney Rape & Sexual Assault Service and if a crime has been committed get in touch with Orkney Police

Living With Domestic Violence My Story & report by Helen Armet

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  1. I’m interested to see a quote from a man.

    And it’s not only in ‘real life’ – I notice it on the television too ( and folk do pick up a lot of attitudes from the telly) – these days, women can be more…… blatant about their response to a good-looking bloke, than men can be to a good-looking woman. I’m not saying which is more or less correct than the other – a genuine compliment, either way, can be a very heartening thing to receive. But….but….I have noticed these days, that females can now take liberties more with males – and get away with it – than vice versa.

    Once again I’ll say – don’t get scared, get angry – whack the bugger with whatever is nearest to hand! They deserve it.

  2. I’ve been thinking some more about this…..

    If someone actually tries to force themself on you – self-defence could help – fighting dirty if you need to. I said something along these lines in a comment to this piece in TON…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/03/14/men-and-women-women-and-men/

    If it’s more to do with ‘taking liberties’, for example in a public place – you could take a leaf from the book of Miriam Margolyes who is reported to have dealt with a man pressing himself against her on the Tube, by saying – very loudly “Will you kindly remove your cock from my arse.” They’re not expecting that kind of response.

    In the case of the man quoted here who is dis-respected when working in bars – as has been the situation for women for a very long time – it’s more difficult unless their employer says they don’t have to put up with it, and they can tell the person invading their space to …..desist.

    A quiet, cutting word might do it, but many in that situation would be cautious as they want to keep their job.

    People ‘Doing as they would be done by’ would help – a lot.

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