Swandro Never Gives Up!

By Bernie Bell

There has been a large question mark hanging over the archaeology digs in Orkney, as elsewhere, for this year.  The folk in charge of the dig at Swandro, Rousay, have reluctantly but sensibly decided that this year’s dig will have to be postponed until next year.

To jog your memories…..here’s a photo from 2019 –  taken looking across the iron Age roundhouse and out towards the Atlantic….

Image credit: Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust

Meanwhile, if ‘Orkney News’ readers would like to keep up with the behind the scenes work which continues, they can check the website https://www.swandro.co.uk/ , where they can also sign up to receive the Newsletter.

Aaaaand…… in January the Richmond Archaeological Society kindly hosted a zoom meeting in which leaders of the Swandro dig, Drs Julie Bond and Steve Dockrill gave a lecture on work at Swandro to date, which can now be watched on Youtube….

The work goes on, though the digs can’t take place, and any support is very much welcomed and appreciated.

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