Letters: “It’s time we chose healthcare and social justice over warfare. “

Dear Orkney News

Over the next 4 years, the UK intends to spend 8 times more on the military than it will on tackling the climate crisis. With just 7.1% of last year’s global military spending, everyone on earth could have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The UK ‘government’ in Westminster has the wrong priorities.

In 2020, global military spending rose to nearly $2 trillion. The UK is a shameful fifth highest spender in the world. At a time when our communities have been wracked by COVID-19, when thousands have lost their homes, jobs and businesses, the UK ‘government’ has been spending money expanding into new areas of warfare and increasing the UK’s nuclear warheads.

Military spending makes us less safe and wastes vital resources on outdated notions of military strength. Spending like this makes a mockery of Boris Johnson’s ambition to be a ‘force for good’ in the world.

It’s time we chose healthcare and social justice over warfare. It’s time we fully commit to defending people and the planet. The Scottish Green Party are committed to getting Trident out of Scotland – this is an excellent start. Please vote Scottish Green Party for your list vote in the May elections. Please vote like our future depends on it – because it does.

Yours sincerely,, Helen Woodsford-Dean, Co-convenor Orkney Greens

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  1. Hi Helen!
    Same problem and discussions in CH. I wholly share your opinion!!!
    Stay safe and well!

  2. All around the world campaigners are challenging the myth that spending ever more money on warfare will make us safer, and are highlighting this with a global month of action – 10 April to 17 May. https://caat.org.uk/

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