Warbeth Beach For An Airing

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

Not feeling too good – just wanted an airing – Warbeth Beach seemed like a good idea – and it was!

We drove along the – very puddley – track to the right hand side of the cemetery and parked in the small car park.

Hoy was …..being Hoy….enigmatic as ever…..

Fortunately we arrived when the tide was out, and a mixture of sand and rocks was exposed – as always, there was much of interest.

I picked up an appealing shell, to find a Hermit Crab telling me what he thought of me!

We carefully placed him in a rock pool and carried on along the beach, seeing nature’s Sand Art…..

And Stone Art……..

Limpet-Land – Australia?

Nature’s Seaweed Soap-Suds!

Looking across to Black Craig and Breckness House….

Then home – it did me a world of good getting out – even just for an airing.

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