The People’s Flag

By Bernie Bell

To paraphrase a well-known anthem……

The People’s Flag

The People’s flag

Is brightest blue

And crossed by a

White line or two.


It stands for Scotland

Standing free

Not bound by force

Or adversity.


So raise the blue-bright

Banner high

Beneath its shade

We’ll live and die


Though cowards flinch

And traitors sneer

We’ll keep the Saltire

Flying here!


BB – 2021

Saltire in bus shelter at Miabhaig, Western Isles

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  1. Love this, and would like to share if I may…but may I edit slightly?
    Instead of “we’ll kept”…”we’ve kept, or we”ll keep”..? And your name for accreditation…

    • You’re very welcome to share it, as much as you like – I’m pleased that you want to!

      And – the ‘kept’ is a typo – well spotted – it should read……and I’m now switching my brain on….”We’ll keep the Saltire flying here.”

      And yes, being credited is good – the photo is by me, too.

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