‘Arts a Flutter’ Eco Friendly Gifts

Catherine Wells, the Orkney artist who makes lovely eco friendly products describes some of her recent work.

Wheat bag heat pads.

“Throughout my work as an artist maker, I have whenever possible tried to be as eco friendly as possible by using natural or recycled material.

I feel I should do my ‘bit if I can. Even if in the grand scheme of things it is only a ‘bit. I figure it’s better than nothing.

When I used to run my mosaic workshops I always used old china, metal knives and forks. Also sometimes more weird things like the contents of a vintage sewing box and vintage lace.

I am now focussing on recycled books for my eco cards and using vintage/’re purposed fabric. I have been busy beavering away creating new lines like door stops and cushion phone holder. Filling them with natural wheat and Buckwheat Hulls. They are completely biodegradable as I am trying to avoid synthetic and plastic when possible.

I beach comb regularly and collect lots of driftwood which I decorate with hand burnt designs. Pebbles are decoupaged with my old book pages.

I am looking to new exciting eco friendly materials all the time to inspire new products for me. I sell in locals shops in Orkney and a couple of online stores like ‘Isle 20’ which was set up during the Pandemic to help small businesses like mine on the Scottish Islands.

I feel we all have to try to do a little to help save the planet for our children if we can.”

You can find out more about Catherine’s products which are for sale on : Arts a Flutter Facebook page

And here is a link to some craft courses:


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