First Car Accident: #OnThisDay 1896

On 30th of May 1896, Henry Wells, was the driver of an automobile which was involved in the first car accident recorded. He collided with cyclist Evelyn Thomas in upper Broadway, New York City.

Evelyn’s leg was broken and she was taken to hospital.

On 17th of August the same year pedestrian Bridget Driscoll was killed in London when she was struck by a car that was being used as a demonstration vehicle to the public.

Birdget Driscoll (circled) image credit Modgamers, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A verdict of accidental death was returned at the Inquest. It was the wishes of the coroner at the time that  “such a thing would never happen again.”

One of the results of the lockdown restrictions in March 2020 was a decrease in the number of fatalities on UK roads.

Fatalities, total casualties and traffic, GB, years ending June 2010 to 2020

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