The DIY Days

By Bernie Bell

When the seal on the washing machine went, we would normally have got a plumber out to change it – this time we got a new seal and Mike did it himself.

When the element for the grill on the cooker went, we would normally have got an electrician out – this time we got a new element, and Mike did it himself.

The element in the water heater has now gone – not sure if he can do that, but he’s going to have a look and assess the situation.

Different times call for different ways of dealing with everyday situations. This kind of thing could be one of the ways in which life will remain different when the threat of Covid recedes – whenever that might be! 

It was all because we didn’t want people coming into the house.   For that matter, we weren’t supposed to have people coming into the house.  We feel a bit bad taking custom from local tradespeople but….needs must…..and I must admit, it also saved us money!

The problem is that Mike doesn’t have much time – handyman stuff isn’t my thing – we’ll probably get folk in to do those jobs, once we feel that it’s OK to do so.

DIY also applied to situations where we would normally have gone out from the house and into places where there would be unknown people – something we were reluctant to do, unless absolutely necessary.  For example, when our old water butt cracked and sprang a leak and we’d rather not go to a shop to buy one, Mike made one out of an old dustbin….

Between us, we cut Mike’s hair and beard – tho’, before I got the knack of doing it, I did shave a swathe up the back of his head, right to the scalp!  It grew back and – who’s to see?

I let my hair grow, and grow, got fed up with it, took hold of my pony tail and cut across it, then tried to level up the sides, and made  a right mess of it!  Again – who’s to see?  It needs shape putting on it by Sandra or Val at Orcadia Cuts. I’m thinking I might go there – was thinking the same this time last year, then the  holiday season arrived – infection rates went up, so I thought it best not to go where there might be unknown people.

Maybe, soon, I will go to the hairdresser – things are different now due to the vaccination programme. If only we had obligatory proof of a negative test before allowing travel to the Isles.

I was thinking –  what a time to live in and – hopefully – through.  Dominic Cummings is now being lauded as the Truth Teller. Strange days indeed.

And the rest of the world?  Hard to even look at what’s happening.  And thinking about it – thinking about it brings the black cloud.

How will future generations see these times?  It will be more documented than any other time has ever been, but a lot of it will be on the Internet, so, not actually ‘documented’ as such, at all.  And there will be so much of it – how will Historians be able to find their way through it all, to ty to make sense of it? Difficult, as there isn’t much sense there to start with.

And meanwhile, meanwhile – we live, in our Isle of Sanity, our house and garden.

We are fortunate, very fortunate.

It’s said to be an old curse……..‘May you live in interesting times’


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  1. Interesting times, indeed. I am saving a file of Covid related articles (hard copy) along with my thoughts in an archival box for my great-great-grandchildren. I hope there will be some.
    Thank you so much, Bernie for all your posts. I always read them with interest. Stay well.

  2. And thank you, Cath, for your appreciation. It does help to receive appreciation, as sometimes I wonder if many folk read my stuff, or not.

    Mike’s idea with the ’One Day At A Time’ series was to try to see something in each day to appreciate, enjoy, or admire – especially at the times when the general grimness can be over-whelming.

    And, as these times go along, I feel that it is a good idea to have something which follows and holds a mirror up to the times. There probably is a lot of stuff anyway – I’m sure lots of people are writing, painting, making art of various kinds about it. Each person’s experience and how they deal with it is theirs, and unique to them and their life, though reading of it might help someone who is feeling something similar.

    Making a ‘time capsule’ for your grandchildren – however many greats! – is a very sound idea as time does blur events, and the impression they have of these times, in the future, might be a bit askew.

    I know someone – a younger person – who asked me what was it like to live through the awful times we had in the ‘70’s. I answered that I know there were strikes, power cuts etc, but my memories are of adapting and dealing with the difficulties – working round what was happening – and of being young at a time of brilliant music and colourful clothes! Not “awful” at all – a lot of good times!

    Be Well

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