One Day At A Time……..

By Bernie Bell

Pics by McB

On the first of January last year Mike decided to record a ‘Species of the Day’ – things which he saw, either animal, bird or plant – every day for a year, and he’s done so. He means to maybe write it up in some way, sometime – when he has time!  Meanwhile – it’s been a very interesting exercise for him.

I hope he does write it up, with illustrations – it’s having the time – that’s the rub!

For this year, he’s having an Image of the Day – taking a picture each day, of something of that day.  I asked could I do something with them for TON, and he said yes!  So, here’s our first week of 2021, taking one day at a time, at this time in our lives…

January the First….Me, at the Millennium Stone, Kirkhouse, South Ronaldsay

January the Second….Mike moves material from last year’s fallow patch, to this year’s fallow patch, which was last year’s tattie patch.  Last year’s fallow patch will become this year’s mixed veg. patch, and last year’s mixed veg patch will become this year’s tattie patch. And so it goes, year by year…

January the Third…..An old dustbin, becomes a ‘new’ water butt

January the Fourth….Months ago, Mike painted a small picture, then set about making a frame for it out of bits of wood found on a beach.  To paraphrase a well-known saying – ‘Work is the curse of the creative classes’.  Having time off for the Christmas break gave him the chance to finish carving, and gild, and varnish, and – hang it on our wall.

It’s called ‘Field of Stars’. The flowers/stars form the constellation of Orion. And, as Mike hung this picture on our wall, I read of Frodo & Co, in Lothlorien, where – “At the feet of the trees, and all about the green hillsides the grass was studded with small golden flowers shaped like stars.”

January the Fifth….The shed is weatherproofed, before the plants grow up around it again…

January the Sixth….Brodgar – frozen – timeless – of the day – any day.  Mike’s ‘Self-portrait in Stone.’

January the Seventh…..we took them down on Twelfth Night – checked for changes of address/email address – made a list for next year.  Then, they go to re-cycling.

To be continued……………………

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