The Hall of Clestrain Conservation Plan

Report by Simpson & Brown

The John Rae Society commissioned Simpson & Brown Architects and Heritage Consultants to produce a Conservation Maintenance Plan for the Hall of Clestrain. The purpose of this plan is to help the Society manage the heritage asset of the Hall of Clestrain they own, both now and in the future.

It assesses what is important about the Hall of Clestrain in cultural heritage terms and conservation guidelines have been developed, enabling the significance of the building and environs to be protected, preserved and enhanced or at least impaired as little as possible in the future.

This plan will be used by the Society, stakeholders, funders, consultants and future users of the Hall to aid appropriate management and maintenance of the buildings and will evolve as archaeological and archive detail reveals itself.

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  Looking to the future at The Hall of Clestrain Image Credit MCB

Thank you to Bernie Bell for sending this into The Orkney News.

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  1. Though this is a plan for the conservation of the Hall of Clestrain it’s also very readable, with tales of Bishops being shot by mistake, and documents being thrown from windows to save them from Pirate Gow.

    I can’t help thinking that it would be good if the treasure allegedly hidden somewhere on the estate by William Honeyman could be found and used to restore the Hall! Anyone any good at dowsing?

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