NHS Orkney’s Plea To Islanders As #Covid Numbers Rise

NHS Orkney is currently working to ringfence a growing Covid situation and would like to ask the community to work together to contain it.
Everyone should be aware of developing Covid symptoms – these include a new cough, a temperature and a loss of taste and smell. If you experience these symptoms, even mildly, then immediately self-isolate and book a PCR test. Do not go out and do not socialise.

Tonight, the Orkney community is also asked to stay at home if they plan to watch the Scotland vs Croatia football match.

NHS Orkney Chief Executive Officer Michael Dickson said he understood that people wanted to socialise and, for some, tonight’s football was really important.

However, we need to ask you to consider the risk that it may not be possible to maintain social distancing, especially in crowded venues where alcohol is being consumed. There is no need to panic but we are asking everyone to be careful while we work to contain the situation,” he said.

NHS Orkney Consultant in Public Health Sara Lewis said that with Covid, even if you have been vaccinated and don’t become unwell yourself, you could pass it on to someone who may not have been vaccinated. “Those without symptoms can use Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests to monitor their Covid status.
“If you are visiting Orkney or returning to Orkney after a trip away it is important to test for the virus,” Mrs Lewis said.

LFD testing may pick up someone who is infected with Covid and infectious to others but has no symptoms. You can order tests online and they will arrive by post. Please note it is very important to log your results it gives us an early warning if you are positive.

In Orkney LFD tests can also be picked up from the Covid Assessment Centre in Kirkwall and WHB Sutherland and the Boots The Chemists in Kirkwall.
Take a look: https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/findatestcenter.html#/location/Orkney
To book a PCR test contact the Covid Assessment Centre on 01856 888 211.

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