Aiming for More Diversity In SEPA Board

The Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA) is aiming to create a more diverse Agency Board. It  is seeking applications for two new members. The new members would join SEPA’s board in January 2022.  

SEPA Chairman, Bob Downes, said:  

“With the eyes of the world turning to Scotland, to COP26 and global Net Zero ambitions in November, there has never been a better time to join a future focused and progressive environment protection agency addressing some of the biggest challenges and opportunities of our time. 

“Our role is wide-ranging, including environmental regulation, flood forecasting and warning, helping Scotland mitigate and adapt to climate change, monitoring and reporting on the state of our environment and resolving environmental harms. 

“Being a SEPA Board member is an exciting opportunity at a critical moment for the environment and through our Agency Board recruitment, we want to attract members who have a passion for making a difference for Scotland’s environment and its people.

“We’re creating a board that reflects the diversity of Scotland and are working with Changing the Chemistry to encourage applications from under-represented communities by sharing information about the role and what to expect from the application process. 

“Applicants don’t have to have an environmental or science background to join the SEPA Board. We are looking for people with strategic analytical capabilities and experience, skills that could have been developed across a range of business and government sectors, within social enterprises or voluntary positions.”

SEPA currently has 10 Board members, who come from a variety of private, public and voluntary sector backgrounds. Its board is responsible for the organisation’s overall direction and performance, including its efficiency and effectiveness as a public body.

Appointments to SEPA’s Board are made by Scottish Ministers and are regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland. Appointments are normally for a four-year term with the possibility of a further term, subject to evidence of effective performance and satisfying the skills, knowledge and personal qualities required on the Board at the time of re-appointment. 

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Board recruitment opportunities can visit the SEPA hub, and join an information session hosted by Changing the Chemistry on Monday 28 June at 6pm.

SEPA officer at flytipping site in Fort William

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