News From Orkney Men’s Shed

By Nick Morrison

Our Tuesday meeting, 29th June, brought an equally eclectic and interesting collection of items including another mystery object.

Another mystery object from the Men’s Shed. This one is professionally made and we have no idea!
You cannot buy one of these! But there are plans available on the net. Our member was given a wood turning course on his retirement. The shade and base are sycamore, the stand is from American cherry and walnut.
A renovated carburettor assembly from a 70’s 350 Yamaha.
This fiddle was owned by Marcus Calder who was the Shapinsay Factor 1840 -1880. He achieved notoriety when he left more money in his will than he had ever earned. It was never discovered how he did it.
This was Alan’s Father. He joined the Seaforth Highlanders at 16 and went ashore in Normandy on ” D ” day, served all the way through the war and wound up helping to liberate a concentration camp.He never spoke of his wartime experiences.
His dog tags. Identical in pattern to those I was issued in the 80’s.
A piece of shrapnel that was removed from him.
Peat cutting tools. A peat cutting spade and ritting knife. Three of our brethren have experience of cutting peats.

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