2 More #Covid Cases Recorded in Orkney

The cumulative total for positive Covid test results recorded in Orkney now stands at 102.

The stats for Scotland published on 6th July 2021 are as follows:

  • 2,363 new cases of COVID-19 reported
  • 25,123 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results
    • 10.2% of these were positive
  • 6 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive 
  • 32 people were in intensive care yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
  • 346 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
  • 3,879,458 people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccination and 2,791,071 have received their second dose

Even with the vaccination uptake there are still many people who have not been vaccinated or who cannot be for other medical reasons. It is worth remembering as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces that all restrictions will be removed in England on July 19th that 128,000 people in the UK have died due to this virus. In England the death toll stands at 113,000.

In Scotland since the start of the outbreak:

  • 7,735 people have died who have tested positive as at 6 July
  • 10,168 deaths have been registered in Scotland where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate up to 27 June
  • 33% of COVID-19 registered deaths related to deaths in care homes, 60% were in hospitals and 7% were at home or non-institutional settings (as at 27 June)

Orkney has been at level 0 for several weeks and has seen a sharp rise in Covid positive cases. This has resulted in many having to self isolate which has a knock on effect with services and businesses having to limit what they do, or even close, until it is safe to reopen.

The Scottish Government has so far not changed its plans to move the whole country to level 0 on July 19th. Level 0 does mean that restrictions still exist: physical distancing and mask wearing. In England Boris Johnson has opted to remove all restrictions on that date and that mask wearing will be optional.

The continued rise in Covid cases in Scotland also means that more people are being hospitalised. Vaccination is there to prevent more loss of life but people are still seriously ill from the virus. Some will have prolonged effects and suffer from long covid.

This graph illustrates the vaccination figures for 18+ in Scotland as at 6th July 2021.

Two doses are required to give people the fullest protection. In Scotland of those aged 18+ years 87% have had 1 dose but only 62.8% have had both doses.

Click on this link to see what you can and still can not do at Level 0

No matter what level you are at in Scotland you are should be following FACTS:

  • wear a face covering
  • avoid crowded places
  • clean hands and surfaces regularly
  • stay 2m away from other people
  • self-isolate and get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • download the Protect Scotland app

Click on this link for accessible stats for Scotland and the UK: Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

Covid 19 travels with people and the more cases there are the greater the opportunity it has to mutate. Nearly 4 million people have died in the world due to the virus. Recent research has shown that control of borders is vital to limit transmission of the virus. Border Control Essential to Control the Spread of #Covid

You can check on what the virus is doing globally through this link: WHO Coronavirus (Covid19 Dashboard)

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