1 New #Covid Case Recorded in Orkney: Care & Caution Message From The First Minister

The cumulative total of cases recorded in Orkney is now at 151 as 1 more new positive test was published today.

In her Covid update on 3rd of August the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon described the uptake of the vaccine as ‘exceptional’ and announced that all those aged between 12 and 17 with specific health conditions will be vaccinated by the end of August if they wish it. The Scottish Government will also be looking at the possibility of vaccination of younger age groups, guided by the medical experts.

Nicola Sturgeon was also clear to state that the pandemic is not over as plans are made for Scotland to move beyond Level 0 from 9th of August.

Face coverings will continue to be mandatory, as they are now, in those indoor places, for example where we shop and home working is still desirable where possible. The First Minister felt that employers should be looking at a hybrid model of working.

The announcement also included new arrangements for self isolation and for the return of schools. You can find all updates here: Coronavirus Scottish Government

Care and caution was the message with Test and Protect also having a vital role in continuing to monitor Covid 19 as the possibility of mutations of the virus is a danger.

The stats for Scotland on 3rd of August were as follows:

  • 1,016 new cases of COVID-19 reported
  • 13,704 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results
    • 8.1% of these were positive
  • 9 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive 
  • 61 people were in intensive care yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
  • 406 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
  • 4,014,212 people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccination and 3,231,331 have received their second dose

People are still reminded to:

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