Sgathaich: Metal Slug 2 (and X)

Coming back to this one after a long while. For those that don’t remember, the Metal Slug Series is a side scrolling arcade shooter. And this is the one where it all goes crazy.

Released in 1998 for arcades. The sequel came out 2 years after the original. For the most part it’s very much more of the same which isn’t exactly a bad thing. It keeps what you love about the original and gives you more.

You run from left to right gunning down everything in your path in over the top cartoonish fashion. Eventually facing screen filling insane bosses. Along the way you can pick up different weapon types and rescue POWs who will give you benefits for freeing them such as those different weapon types. Occasionally you will find a vehicle of some sort like the Title vehicle The Metal Slug. Outside of vehicles though you only have one wound before you die and a set amount of lives (this was an arcade machine game remember) as well as the ability to use continues (which isn’t a problem with the console ports).

There are several new features to this game. First up, the addition of two more playable characters with Eri and Fio (best girl) adding a two female characters to the returning male ones of Marco and Tarma.

The game follows our heroes once more hunting down the villain from the previous game Morden. But as it goes on… ALIENS! Yes this is the game as said where it goes nuts, after facing some large vehicles and other things that while a little mad were nothing too out there. While going through the levels you face mummies, some weird mutants before going through Morden’s base you encounter the Mars people who quickly take over as the main bad guys for the final boss resulting in you fighting off an alien invasion.

Later an improved version called Metal Slug X was released which addressed several issues with the original game such as increasing the power of weapons plus also included a few hints of the Mars people earlier on rather than just throwing them at you at the last minute.

It is the better version to play but most collections have both so you needed worry.


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