Holy Moly – Neolithic Wood!!!!

By Bernie Bell

It was amazing enough when a wooden bowl from the Iron Age was discovered in the ‘well’ at The Cairns broch in South Ronaldsay…

https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/11/09/orkneys-superb-2000-year-old-wooden-bowl/ , but now……a few days ago……at the Ness of Brodgar ……..traces of Neolithic wood have been found in post holes in Structure 12!!!!!   https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/a-first-for-the-ness-neolithic-wood-has-survived-in-structure-twelve-post-holes/

Neolithic wood – admittedly a bit squishy – but wouldn’t you be after a few thousand years in the ground!

The dig at the Ness is on a much more reduced scale than usual due to that bane of our lives, Covid, but, as I said before – small is beautiful…. 

https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/07/19/small-is-beautiful-2/ , and that is very much proving to be the case at the Ness this year.  So much of interest is being found, not only in terms of objects/artefacts, but also……bone and nut deposits, pottery fragments, soil samples, ash samples, and now……wood samples!!!

Have  a look through the Dig Diary, right from day one, and you’ll see for yourself.

If so much can be found when so little of the site is under scrutiny – imagine what might remain to be found when the dig can resume on a larger scale in years to come?

The dig is open until the 11th of August – weekdays only – so, if you can, why not go along and see for yourself – you might actually be there when another break-through find turns up!

To help to keep the dig going, and thereby help the archaeologists to see what is still to be seen, please go to the Ness of Brodgar website and donate – PLEASE!  https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/donate/

Structure 12 – Here Be Neolithic Wood!

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  1. And then……


    I’ve made up a song, based on ‘Norwegian Wood ‘ by The Beatles…….

    There once was a dig,
    Or should I say,
    It was this year.

    It turned up some wood,
    Isn’t it good,
    Neolithic Wood?

    Found by ’The Two J’s’,
    Then carefully eased out by Jo.

    When it gets analyzed,
    There’ll be so much to know.

    It might be from posts,
    And if that’s so,
    Then what were they for?

    To support
    Or raise something off of the floor?

    And, given more time,
    What might they find,
    About that wood?

    Isn’t it good,
    Neolithic Wood!

    Oh dear – when there’s so much exciting stuff going on……but it has to happen to keep the site safe……. https://www.nessofbrodgar.co.uk/can-you-help-us-cover-the-site-next-week/

    If you are planning to come (and you will be most welcome), would you please email site Director Nick beforehand so that he can get an idea of numbers, which will make organization easier. His email is nick.card@uhi.ac.uk

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