Time To Move On

I’ll spare you the faux outrage. Whither blushes for those who are not just post-truth but post-shame?

This is an occasional reminder of the age old truth that if you have to ask permission to leave then it isn’t an equal partnership. Why must we beg for a piece of what’s already ours?

Good God, recent history shows there are other routes to democratic normality. Indeed, referendums are the exception to the rule. This – asking a deeply reactionary Westminster for a piece of what’s already ours – is a road to nowhere. High time we considered other, better, and – frankly – less demeaning options than those not offered to us by a political class and culture that we haven’t begun to entertain since at least 1955. I actually find it embarrassing that the country of Robert Burns actually feels it has to ask the permission of a journalist who was sacked for lying to recover the right to govern itself, and who frankly couldn’t write his way out of a paper bag.

We’re surely better than asking for the right to choose from people whose raison d’ etre is to deny us that right. We cannot boast, and then cower.

I’d also suggest that in a multi-party “democracy” (my italics) a 37% vote for a party that promised a referendum on EU membership was never challenged, and yet a 49% vote for a party that campaigned on a similar platform is dismissed. What is that? The mandate for asking the question about Scotland’s future has been secured, just as the 2014 mandate for Scotland remaining within the UK has been rendered obsolete. It isn’t a process. It’s an event. Otherwise why ever hold an election? Things change. Nothing stays the same. Empires rise and fall. The UK will end. It’s all good. Life will go on. If you don’t like who governs Scotland, fine.

Once we’re free you can boot them all tae…

Without independence, they will rule you forever.

Let’s ignore the noise people. And let’s be better versions of ourselves.

A final thought. It isn’t an either or. Just as devolution gave a correctly principled foothold for right of centre parties in Holyrood, so will independence. You have nothing to fear.

A couple of wee gripes.

Papers, please call her “First Minister”. FYI, I had the same objection when people referred to an ex-PM as “Blair”. War Criminal as he is, it’s a great office. Respect it, regardless of the imposter who happens to have failed sufficiently upwards to hold sway over your life.

Secondly, the headline was premised on the question of whether Scotland should hold a second independence referendum.

It’s a false premise. Scotland has already chosen, in May 2021, to do so. It’s a question not of if, but when.

Let Scotland be Scotland.

And let Scotland decide. That is, after all, the very definition of normality. Let’s finish this.

Keep safe everybody. I’ll meet you further on up the road.

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  1. Well said Alec. Couldn’t agree more. Keep up the good work. Your straightforward approach is proving highly effective. Everyone I give hard copies to loves it and describe your blogs as their favourite read.

  2. and we certainly don’t want Alec, you are quite right that there are other routes but worryingly the only one that history shows that Wastemonster understands is the Patriot with an AK47 and a couple of pounds of plastic and we most certainly don’t want that route. But, there are those ‘hot-heads’ who would.

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