You Can’t Have Too Much Of Brodgar

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

Further to Mark Cooper’s researches into the possibility of boats approaching Brodgar through a channel which the Brig O’ Waithe spans today  Having previously sent Mark a low tide reading from the bridge, Mike and went to take a high tide measurement on Sunday the 26th September – when it really was a high tide…

For comparison – here’s the same scene when we took the low tide reading……

As we knew there weren’t any Cruise liners visiting Orkney today, we then carried on to have a restorative walk round the Ring of Brodgar, parking in the car park and approaching by the main path….

Noticing a sign by the path – a sign which is always well worth noting!

Fortunately, the gates to the inner path at the Ring  weren’t locked, so we could walk around the Ring, seeing people standing quietly among the stones…

…………………and a wonderful cloud formation, along our way.

And then I stood and leant my back against one of the stones…….

For years now, I have rested against this stone when my back has been hurting, and it is always eased. I’m not claiming to know why or how, but it eases my back, and that’s what matters to me – in fact, it was why we went to Brodgar today.

And down by Stenness Loch  – a Hoy Skyscape…..

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