‘Flu Jab & Easier Covid Tests  – Yay!

By Bernie Bell

This morning, Mike went for his first ‘Flu jab – he wasn’t old enough before!  He’s generally a strong, healthy person, but you can’t be too careful – especially in these times.

So, off he went…… he arrived at the Vaccination Centre at the Old Balfour – it was very well organized. First thing, he was asked to put on a fresh face mask instead of his usual one.  There was just one person waiting before him, who was at a sensible distance.

The actual jab took seconds – less time than it took to get his shirt sleeve rolled up ready for it!

He was then given three packs of Covid Tests, and the nurse explained to him that they are quicker and easier than the ones he has been using. He wasn’t comfortable having to put the little stick down the back of his throat – I should imagine quite a few people weren’t  happy with that – personally, I gag easily – what my Mum referred to as ‘having a narrow swally’ – anything going to the back of your throat that’s not meant to be there – can be very uncomfortable!  He’d adapted to it, but is pleased to find that the new test just means putting the little stick into his nose.

He’s now back at work, at home, showing no ill-effects.

When he came home I thought I’d write this to encourage folk who, like Mike, haven’t had the ‘Flu jab before to do so.

And to mention that progress is being made with the Covid Test kits too – it all helps!

By the by – I refer to them as jabs, not jags,  as I’m from Yorkshire, and it would be a bit silly to pretend to be Scots!

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