‘Scotland small ?’

Scotland small? Our multiform, our infinite Scotland small?
Only as a patch of hillside may be a cliché corner
To a fool who cries ‘Nothing but heather!’  – Hugh MacDiarmid ( ‘Dìreadh I’)

Image Credit Rosie Hopkins

‘Nothing but heather!’ ̶ How marvellously descriptive! And incomplete!

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  1. Hugh MacDiarmid was one of the founders of the Scottish National Party but was subsequently kicked out because of his Marxist views.
    He stood for election in 1964 as a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain which speaks volume for his political judgement.
    He also supported a invasion of Britain by the Nazis in order to topple the counties establishment.

    Communism / Nation Socialism….. not much different, but both considered plausible by this odious little man

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