Stronsay Recent Bird Sightings

By John Holloway

There was a big influx of birds from across the North Sea on 18th October when hundreds of Redwings arrived and a couple of dozen Bramblings and Chaffinches, and due to the wet weather most birds were found feeding along the roads, the majority on the tarmac.

There were a few Goldcrests feeding frantically in the fuchsia hedges by the roadside but very few other species.

2 Ring Ousels were seen during the next couple of days but all the migrants had soon moved off southwards.

A Goldfinch was found by David in his garden at Osen but it too had soon moved on. Birds of prey have been seen regularly – the most common being Hen Harrier (daily – at least 3 birds present) , with Merlin, Sparrowhawk, and Peregrine ‘occasionals’ and as ever – unpredictable!

Once again the weather forecast indicates some winds from an easterly quarter during the coming week. Late October/early November is the time of year most Waxwings arrive in the UK and it is worth checking the rose-hips – their usual diet when here, but they are readily attracted to apples if placed in an open position. They are very tame, (photo taken at Castle during a previous ‘eruption’ of the species).

Thanks for all the calls. John & Sue

Republished here with kind permission from The Stronsay Limpet

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