Letters: ‘From Democracy to Kleptocracy’

Dear Orkney News,

The 3rd of November 2021 may well be remembered as the day the UK lost its last vestiges of democracy and was revealed as a fully functional Kleptocracy.

MPs voting to scrap the standards committee and its work, in order to shield Owen Patterson, is an act worthy of all the “Banana Republics” which we have always felt ourselves superior to.

“Remember, remember the 3rd of November, self interest stands to the fore…..” How Guido Fawkes would have laughed.

Yours, Jon Southerington, Orkney

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  1. Kind of glad you got here first before me . I was lost for words and effectively speechless. If this isn’t a rallying call for independence then I wonder what it might take for people frankly .

  2. They’ve done another U turn…….


    I says something for people power, that they do make U turns.

    But…it’s all so disheartening. They try to get away with wrong-doing – all too often they succeed. And the alternative is a panicky U turn.

    These are the people in charge, with a lot of control over our lives.

    If only I lived in an entirely different country – hang on – I very nearly do.

  3. Kleptocracy, Thievocracy, “Chumocracy” …..

    All too familiar terms about the current mob in control of the UK. This controlling mob’s desires to change the rules to suit themselves, and ability to make vast fortunes, for themselves and others, is sickening. Especially when you consider that these are the same people who sit in judgement on us – benefit payments, minimum wages, taxes (in their multitudinous forms), etc. Does Scotland really, REALLY, want to remain a part of the UK. Time to heap on the pressure; and, as above, “Let’s keep the ball rolling …..”.

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