Climate Change Rally in Stronsay #COP26

On Sunday, 7th November, in appalling weather, a small group of hardy folk met with banners to make it known that Stronsay cares about the climate emergency.

credit Roger Neville-Smith

This is the first time such a rally has taken place on Stronsay and although the numbers seem quite low it was a significant proportion of the island.

The youngest was 3 years and the oldest 70 years old

The rally started at the Kirk where prayers were said: then moved into the village for a reading. Finally the rally moved onto the waterfront at Whitehall where the sea was in full fury, overtopping the wall and soaking the group.

David Locke, minister for Stronsay said

“It was good to have braved the weather to show Stronsay cares and urges action about the dangers of climate change.

“We prayed along the route for our world and world leaders, COP 26 and for real climate change reduction measures to happen.

“We may be a small island but we have a big heart for what matters.

“Our rally was supported by the Church and Community Council.

“The wild weather on the day perhaps demonstrated the risks that lie ahead around the world, and the need for action.”

Suggestion cards had been made for the day and were shared. A display will use this material in the Kirk.

credit Roger Neville-Smith

Bruce Fletcher, Photographs from Roger Neville-Smith

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