The Tomb Trail Is Go!!

By Bernie Bell

Readers of TON may remember a poem by friend Wendy about when she and husband David visited Vinquoy Cairn a couple of years ago.  I mentioned then, that Vinquoy Cairn might be a possibility for the North Isles Landscape Partnership Schemes (NILPS) Neolithic Landscape of the Dead project.  Due to Covid, this had to be put on ‘hold’. But what I think of as The Tomb Trail is now becoming a reality under a new name as they’ve changed the project name from ‘Landscapes of the Dead’ to ‘Tombs of the Isles’,  as revealed in a recent entry in the UHI Archaeology Institute blog….

I’ll watch the development of the trail with interest, and hope to get to Eday, and Vinquoy, one day.

Poetry Corner: Vinquoy Cairn

Two of us enter

on hands and knees

through close dark passage

to round chamber of stone


thin light filters from

circular hole above

where layered rocks

draw up and lean in


fingers stretch out

to touch each side

the green dampness

of ancient walls


four low small rooms

from the centre lead out

in cardinal directions,

we pray to each:


fire, air, earth, water

then sound begins

in my throat

with my breath


seeping out from the stones

up through my body

resonating vibrations

of some other voice


strong and deep

a masculine intonation of

powerful prayer from

old earth rituals


then, slowly, softly

female song rises

harmonic waves

possess this space


body and rock

mind and place

resound as one,

in the voice


time falls away

I return to myself

and the quiet

and the now

and you.


Wendy Alford      May 2019

Vinquoy photo credit: Wendy Alford

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