Strange Phenomena Over Tea

S P O T  (Strange Phenomena Over Tea) is a monthly discussion group about strange phenomena.

The purpose is to explore ideas of strange phenomena which would be hard to cover in a more formal setting.

We hope that if the group discussions are successful that we shall be creating a quarterly S P O T Journal, so we are searching for people with skills  (on a volunteer basis) that could put one into production.

If you are interested in either attending the discussion group or working on the journal when it arises, or both, please get in touch with Duncan or Linda Lunan:

By E-mail:

By Telephone:  01292 822528 (between 6pm -10pm)

Webpage: Duncan Lunan SPOT

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  1. This reminds me of when someone I know asked me to exorcise what he perceived to be an unfriendly spirit in his house. His request was for me to call round, do the exorcism, then “Have a nice cup of tea.” !!!

    My answer was that I don’t ‘do exorcisms’. If I meet a troubled person who is still incarnate, I don’t just tell them to clear off, which is what an exorcism is usually doing. I try to help them to sort themselves out – whether living or dead.
    It turned out that the house didn’t need an exorcism anyway – just some clearing from the last person who lived there, who was troubled. Not dead – just troubled.

    Mike and I went round and had a nice cup of tea anyway.

  2. Talking of strange phenomena….
    A very good book about dowsing is ‘The Definitive Wee Book on Dowsing’ by Hamish Miller.

    Dowsing is a strange phenomena. I know it works, but can’t figure out why/how.

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