Supporting the Circular Economy

 A £310,000 project, supported by the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland, has been launched to encourage a nation wide ‘sharing library’ and ‘repair cafe’ culture.

The national group co-ordinating this important contribution to achieving a circular economy is Circular Communities Scotland.

Participating in the scheme are Orkney Zerowaste and Restart Orkney.

Image credit: Bell

Michael Cook, CEO, Circular Communities Scotland said:

 “For Scotland to combat climate change, we each need to change our own consumption behaviours. Sharing libraries and repair cafés provide simple and effective solutions to do this whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

“Rather than throwing an old item away we can repair it at a repair café, or even better, be taught the repair skills to fix it ourselves. Similarly, rather than buy a new product we can borrow one from a local sharing library.

“Everything from tools, clothes, toys, and equipment can be borrowed instead of being bought new, saving people money, whilst saving the planet.

“We are looking forward to overseeing and forming the new network and significantly growing the number of these projects in Scotland.”

Here’s a short video The Orkney News made previously about Employability Restart Orkney. The displays in the premises change regularly.

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