The Ness of Brodgar – This Year’s Dig!!!

By Bernie Bell

This morning, I was feeling grumpy – out of sorts – stuck indoors – what used to be known as ‘liverish’. I sat down at my computer, and up popped the Newsletter from the Ness of Brodgar Trust.

It’s got…….Tiny things – tiny pots and a tiny axe.  A hazelnut. NEOLITHIC WOOD!!!! Layers and layers of material from hearths which can reveal all sorts of info. PLUS…..soils and ecofacts from every context at the Ness, (what are ecofacts?  I didn’t know either – learning, learning, learning). The importance of squares – which I had never really grasped before. Very fancy decoration on a pot.  PLUS……lots more pots. AND….AND….AND….. a fossil fish  – I know it’s not Neolithic, but this find combines two of my favourite things – fossils and….The Ness – forget blue satin sashes.  The Fabricator (with apologies to Ini Kamoze )…..

Here come the sharp cutter

Dig it up

It’s the flint fabricator

Dig it up

Excuse me mista’ digger

Dig it up

What ya’ think about that?

The beautiful worked flint fabricator from Trench J. (Sigurd Towrie)

AND….. there’s Ness art and objects and jewellery in the on-line shop as potential Christmas pressies?

Have a look at Issue 27 and 27b…..

….and maybe sign up to receive the Newsletter yourself?

A bit of Ness Therapy cheered me up on a gloomy, soggy day!

For those who want to give archaeologically for Christmas, there’s also an on-line shop for the Orkney Archaeology Society : Orkney Archaeology Society

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